Building the Gateway into
Crypto for Businesses

Our dashboard

The first intuitive tool for Businesses to fully leverage the benefits of Crypto

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Manage your Crypto

The Dashboard enables you to hold and manage your Cryptocurrencies

Crypto payments

Instantly start accepting Cryptocurrencies for your business

Tax report

Create accurate tax reports for your Cryptocurrencies

Crypto invoicing

Create Crypto invoices and manage them from one tool


Get access to trusted third-party services generating yields on your Crypto assets

Crypto payroll

Start paying your employees (partly) in Cryptocurrency as a new way to attract talents

Why now?

With main stream adoption being around the corner more consumers and businesses are starting to embrace Cryptocurrencies.

Looking at the market development already >90% of consumers that have Crypto are willing to pay with it.

No wonder that already 25% of businesses are planning to start accepting Crypto payments in 2022. Be one of them!

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Why hopa?

Hopa is on a mission to help European businesses enter the Crypto ecosystem in the easiest way possible and all in one place.

Our intuitive tool allows your business to get a head start into Crypto.

" The secret of getting ahead
is getting started"

Mark Twain

Meet the Team

Caspar Huisman

Co-founder - CPO

A curious entrepreneurial-minded professional with more than 9 years in international and fast-moving environments. During which he developed a broad range of skills ranging from product management to finance and accounting. Caspar's core focus is on product & finance for hopa

Sylvia Durach

Co-founder - CEO

Sylvia has been active in the Fintech industry for the majority of her career starting as a consultant and moving towards the international startup scene. At hopa, Sylvia is responsible for Sales & Marketing

Adam Borčány

Co-founder - CTO

Adam is the tech specialist on the team. He started coding at a young age and is completely self-taught. Several years ago he lost himself in the Crypto & blockchain space, but now he is back and responsible for the Tech part of hopa

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